**Welcome! This is a proven 4 week course now being offered in a more economical approach to assist more heart-centered entrepreneurs in their quest to shine their own light in the world. **

This is the course for those who know where they want to go, are ready get out of their own way, find the easy way and map out their journey so they can put the pedal to the medal to make it happen.

Mapping the Journey focuses on mapping out our journey including the obstacles, road-blocks, slowdowns, scenic overlooks and everything that may pop-up unexpectedly.

This live group course includes:

* 4 weekly group classes (recorded for those not able to attend live)

* 4 'hotseat sessions' to see the materials in action with different class participants (recorded for those not able to attend live)

* 'Top Your Tank' sessions provided via email / video links between the 4 live classes.

*4 'Pitstop sessions' (office hours) for guidance and clarity

*4 live coaching sessions (volunteers selected at random from those interested in live coaching

*FB group for community, connection and support

Starting Date: Saturday, July 8, 2023

Weekly zoom calls: 1pm - 2pm EDT, Mondays

Hot Seat Sessions: immediately following the weekly zoom call approximately 2-2:30 pm EDT

PitStops: TBD - based on participant best availability

Live Coaching Sessions: TBD - based on participant best availability

Investment: $247